The main “International Snowdon Race”, now it’s 41st year, is considered as one of the greatest in the world of mountain running, and attracts some of the best racers in Europe. For the 40years its been organized by the local community and all voluntary members of the organization committee. That’s dedication for you.

So we as committee decided to test a new concept on the 40th anniversary in 2015, ‘Snowdon Twilight’ race to be held a month before the may race. An uphill race only at 7pm.

By popular demand for the runenrs that took part in the Twilight race in 2015, we as a committee have decided to organize the event once agin in 2016 with the help of a local community company HWB Eryri.

With the build up to the main event July 16 2016, we as a committee will again be organizing the below…


March 12th 11am Llanberis

Joe Brown Shops BWLCH MAESGWM 10K – Registration 9.30am in the Electric Mountain and presentation. Online registration available April.

June 9th – Snowdon Twilight

Registration 4-6.30pm at the Electric Mountain. Start in Cae Ddol 7pm (snowdon race field).
Finish at the Summit. Of Snowdon. Summit café will be open till 10pm, first time ever. Presentation will be around 9pm -9.30pm Online entries will be LIVE in April, and a few entries on the day/night.

Saturday 15th July

  Gwynedd Council – ‘Hwyl i bawb’ family Run under 8yrs old.

  START Snowdon Race

  Dr Ziggs Juniors race Start, in field

  Junior Presentation on field

  Main Presentation on field

3:30pm  FREE Talk “Kenny Stuart & John Wild with Steve Chilton”, Electric Mountain.

  Post Race Meal for runners – Royal Victoria Hotel

NOTE – Keep looking on website and social media, we will be holding some training runs in the future and also breakfast run before work all FREE