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This page is dedicated towards the elite / international teams that will be visiting Llanberis for the first time or for the 40th time as the Italians have been doing. In which Llanberis is now twinned with Morbegno, northern Italy, which will be on October 2019


Male – Martin Dematteis, Bernard Dematteis, Luca Cagnati

Female – Elisa Sortini,

CSI Morbegno

Sabina Botta, Cristina Speziale, Francesco Pedrazzoli, Salvatore Tarabini


Men – Russell Bentley, Mark Hopkinson, Gareth Hughes, Richard Roberts

Female – Katie Beecher, Elliw Haf, Gemma Moore


Male – Daniel Bodman, Michael Corrales, Tristan Evans, Owain Williams


Men – Joe Baxter, Billy Cartwright, Michael Cayton, Dan Haworth

Women – Hatti Archer, Jemima Elgood, Kelli Roberts, Katie Walshaw


Male – Tim Johnston, Jonathan Scott, Aaron McGrady, Shane Donnelly

Female – Megan Wilson, Sarah Graham, Shileen O’Kane, Ciara Largy


Male – Zak Hanna, Mark Stephens, Conor O Mahony, Killian Mooney
Female  – Sarah MC Cormack, Becky Quinn, Sinead Murtagh
Manager – Leo Mahon


Male – Ewan Brown, Andy Douglas, James Espie, John Yells

Female – Scout Adkin, Miranda Grant, Louise Mercer, Jill Mykura


Male – Stefan Azzopardi, Ryan Farrugia, Luke Micallef

Female – Carmen Hili


Men: Wg Cdr Ben Livesey, FS Matt Allen, Sgt Lee Athersmith, Cpl Kieran White

Women: Sqn Ldr Laura Frowen, Cpl Chrissy Faulder, SAC Emily Brown, SAC Emily Hutchinson

** 2020 we are currently in discussion of have a FORCE Championship, Navy, Army etc **

We will also have elite runners from all over the world, taking part in the Snowdon Race as part in the WORLD MOUNTAIN CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES 2019. 

List below of the accepted invitations

  • Emma Clayton (ENG)
  • Etinenne Blumstein Jones (AUS)
  • Lucie Maršánová (CZECH)
  • Luca Cagnati (ITA)
  • Lucy Wambui (Kenya)
  • Robert Panin (Kenya)
  • Szabo Sandor (Hungary)
  • Claire Chatterton (NZ)
  • Joseph Gray (USA)
  • Sam Sahli (USA)