This year 2023 we have been working closely with Gwynedd Council – therefore we as Snowdon Race are getting the help from Friends of St. Padarn Church/ Llanberis Development Group – we can open up the GLYN RHONWY Site (2 plots, Level 3 and 4). This will be the event parking for all runners, visitors etc to Llanberis. It will ease the pressure off the village.

It will be £5 to park your vehicle (*at your own risk) and it will go towards the two local groups. The Registration this year will be in this church ST PADARN Church, amazing building. Please use the Event parking, you will have to walk into the village (only a few hundred yards) or call the local taxi service to pick you up. But if you are running the race, well its a warm up!!

Glyn Rhonwy site, all other Car Parks are located on the map below, plus the village and registration.

Please park in the correct location.

*WARNING * Traffic Wardens will be around the same as every year.

Please be warned and ensure you park in appropriate car parks. ALSO allow time for traffic.

PLEASE ALLOW extra time for travelling due to the traffic lights / roadworks