Thursday Night Kids Race – July 14th 2016

This part of the Snowdon Race festival has been going on for a several years now, and growing in popularity with local Llanberis children and also children from surrounding areas. 
First week in June, the training team will meet up in Community Centre, Llanberis, on the first Monday of June to register all children who are willing to take part. Then every Monday onwards util race week they train in the field “Cae Ddol’ 6pm till 7.30pm to get them ready for Thursday race night.

Every year we get around 150-175 children running through the street of Llanberis and finishing in the field under the main finish line.

On race night, the children will be running through traffic controlled high street, all marshalled.

Kids from the Thursday night race usually turn up to run on Saturday where they will be joined by children from all parts of UK and Europe.

Saturday Race Day – Junior Races

HWYL I Bawb – Family run under 8years old

REMEMBER as well we do have kiddies race as well, (below 8years old) organized by Heidi from Gallt y Glyn Hotel (Pizza Pint). The very popular kiddies race will start 11.00am straight after the Super Cup (10.30am).

Again the registration for the kiddies race will be in the same location as the Junior Races. The Community Centre.

Thanks to Heidi from Gallt y Glyn Hotel for her work during this Hwyl I bawb Race


Junior runners on Thursday by all means can run in the Saturday junior races which will be held at 2.05pm. The categories on Saturday will be U10, 12, 14, 16, 18 AND WILL BE GOING UP ON OR TOWARDS THE MOUTAIN.

Under 10 – Cattel Grid

Under 12 – Farmers Gate

Under 14 – Mountain Gate

Under1 6 – ¼ gate (stile)

Under 18 – Halfway Bridge

Registration for the 2.05pm Saturday Junior race will be in the Community Centre on the morning.

Any questions regarding the above or anything please contact Jayne Lloyd